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More valuable than any accolade or award are the kind words of our patients. Our primary goal is the health and wellbeing of our patients and their testimonials are greatly appreciated.

I have enjoyed working with Dr. Harrison on my health issues. He is very thorough and has a really pleasant manner. I feel comfortable and well taken care of. Debra S. Google

Dr. Harrison was professional, personable and put me at ease with the procedure I had done. Tammy T. Google

Dr. Harrison actually cares about his patient’s well being, and genuinely takes the time to look at different options. James F. Google

Dr. Harrison is so knowledgeable and explained options on how to fix my injury. It is nice to have a doctor who cares and can solve the problem that will get me back doing what I love. DeAnne T. Google

Dr. Harrison has been so great to work with, always answering all of our questions making sure we understand all options and doing what we feel was best. His staff is awesome as well to work with always making sure we feel comfortable and taking all the time we need and never make us feel rushed. Even the surgical staff was amazing helping both my husband and I feel more comfortable about the process and didn’t let us leave until we felt ready, me as the caregiver and my husband as the patient. I would go back to him in a heartbeat and will recommend him to anyone I know! Sarah O. Google

Dr. Harrison is a rock star! Did a great job on my shoulder. I’ll be back pain-free in no time. Teri H. Google

Dr. Harrison doesn’t beat around the bush! He tells you what you need and when things need to get done!!! I don’t like when people say 50000 options that make you more confused and you don’t know what to do. He always answers the questions you ask in a way you understand them!! Very nice!!! Elisa H. Google

Dr. Harrison is so helpful and nice. I went with my husband to his appointment. The doc saw that I was scheduled to see him in two weeks. He combined our appointments right then and there. That made our day! Thanks again, Dr. Harrison. Kim H. Google

Jeff Harrison repaired my left shoulder 15 years ago—I’ve been pain free ever since. So, after a terrible injury to my right shoulder due to a car accident, it was a no-brainer who would fix it. Dr. Harrison is the shoulder whisperer!! Alison C. Google

I liked how he gave great information about the injury in a way I understood, and is getting me in quick so I can recover. Connected with me on a personal life and then was straight to business when needed and got me in and out and schedule for surgery. Brody L. Google